Premier Custom Trough

Railway Trough

Strong and Lightweight

Made in the United States of America

Meets or exceeds H20 loading

The advent of Premier Custom Trough sets new standards of strength, weight and ease of installation for railway trough applications intended for cable routing of power, signaling and communications. When special projects demand it, Premier Custom Trough delivers solutions to meet needs for length, color and section dimensions to individual specifications. Standard load rating is 30,000 pounds. Need a higher rating? Just ask.

Nearly indestructible, Premier Custom Trough fiber-resin compounds withstand compression tests in excess of 44,000 pounds*. The strong-as-steel fiber-resin cable trough also meets fire and smoke standards for use in all applications and satisfies requirements for freeze/thaw cycles as well as salt, chemical and UV resistance.

Compared to typical poly-concrete sections, Premier Custom Trough is a virtual featherweight, offering streamlined installation with minimal equipment. A 10-foot length of 6 x 8 trough weighs in at just 85 pounds.

Project installation savings are significant – Premier Custom Trough equals or exceeds other comparable trough systems for ease and speed of site installation, typically a trench-and-backfill process for open-air trackside environments.

Standard trough sizes (in inches) are 6 x 8, 8 x 12, 10 x 12, 14 x 12, 18 x 12 and 20 x 12. Section lengths of 12 inches to 24 feet readily accommodate diverse field applications. A full complement of accessories easily handles cable bend requirements, including T-sections, 45 degree bends and 90 degree bends. Optional dividers allow cable segregation where required in any configuration. Non-skid trough lids are available in lengths of up to 24 feet or to specification.

Premier Custom Trough clearly signals a new era of lower costs and greater versatility for rail trough requirements. Not to mention an age of enlightenment.

*Independent test results available upon request.

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