Premier Custom Trough

Railway Trough

Trackside Installation Procedure

Premier Custom Trough may be buried up to the trough height in 1 ½ to 2 inches of screened and sized crushed rock.

Installation may be made in existing ballast or in a new trench of sufficient depth to provide a minimum of three inches of screened material under the trough base. The base of the trench should be leveled and compacted using a compactor to achieve a dense, stable and level surface under the trough sections. The bed material should consist of crushed rock, screened and sized up to ½ inch. The trench area should allow a minimum of 12 inches of free workspace on either side of the trough sections.

A line set to grade is recommended to achieve a straight and level installation. The existing track is recommended as a reference point relative to the trough installation. The grade line should be positioned above a typical section (with cover installed).


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